VJ Hypnotica in the press:

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La Presse (Montreal)
[Where to go out]: Rave Inc.
(Feature of the section)
(21 Mar 1996)
La Presse. 21 March 1996
Hour Magazine
Cover story
(12 Jun 1996)
Montreal Mirror
Arts Annual
(12 Dec 1996)
Topo Mag #41 (1996)
Rituel Festif: Portraits of
the Montreal Rave Scene

(1997) by Caroline Hayeur
Elle Québec
Ça groove [Top 9
Scene Makers in
the province of
Québec's Rave Scene]
(Avril 1997)
Cover of Elle Quebec avril 1997
Campus Mag
Têtes à techno: Dans
les coulisse de la scène
techno à Montréal.

(2 Dec 1998)
New Years Party
Living Nightclub

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Living nightclub logo
Montreal: Cream 1998
514 SpectroHardCoreCrew
Web Article
VJ Hypnotica at Cream 1998 Montreal
Montreal Mirror
The Most Influential People
and Places of the Decade

(21 Oct 1999)
La Presse (Montreal)
Cahier Ou Sortir: Rave
(28 Oct 1999)
La Presse (Montreal) 28 Oct 1999. cahier Ou Sortir Rave
Montreal: Therapy
by Gotsoul Records

Web Profile
therapy nights logo
NightLife Magazine (Montreal)
Les Images de la Nuit
(The Images of the Night)
(Sept 2002)
Nightlife Magazine (Sept 2002) article Les images de la nuit

Underground House
Q&A Article (2003)
Stefie Shock live
Tour for new album Le Decor
(March 2004)
Stefie Shock and the Untouchables Live with Hypnotica Visuals
Max Graham (Ottawa)
Shine Music
Club Aria (Montreal) 2004
Web Article