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VJ, a.k.a. Video Performer (also called Live Viewsician) : A video-jockey (VJ) who performs remixes of multiple video sources live in an interactive manner, that complements music at a show. This performance is also called VJing. Like a live musician, who mixes pre-recorded sounds and deforms samples live with turntable scratch and distortion, the live viewsician remixes and scratches digital and analog video clips with live camera sources to rock the house with giant screens.

Name: Russell Vaz, a.k.a. VJ Hypnotica
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Place of birth: Montreal, QC, Canada
Residence: Montreal, QC, Canada
Height: 5'10 inch
First VJ Jam: 1995

With performances in 19 cities in 5 countries & 3 continents, storming the stage at massive raves next to the world's voted #1 DJ's, manning the video deck at elite private parties in the hottest celebrity hot spots, or back home in Montreal at his long running local club residencies, Hypnotica has performed tight video mixes live, amusing more than a million eager souls at over 2000 events. Hypnotica is the legendary VJ: one of the founding leaders of Montreal's rave scene in 1995, he captivated fans with well-calibrated performances, seduced first timers with his energetic appeal, & gained loyal followers devoted to this guru of video.

The year was 1995, the Montreal party scene was booming and the first VJ rose from the fires like a phoenix. VJ Hypnotica, alias of Russell Vaz, broke new ground, and founded Hypnotica Visuals.

One of the key players in the underground party scene since the beginning in the early 1990s, Russell worked vigorously, and became known as Mr. Mood Lighting. He programmed lighting consoles, learned the intricacies of color and how slight adjustments to the room matched the music. He started with slide, film, and video projectors that were very heavy, and very hard to install.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the technology finally caught up to his vision of mixing video live. VJ Hypnotica blazed the trail around the globe. He impressed many, and along the way, entertained millions with some of the most breathtaking live video performance ever.

With 2012's new, dazzling, high-definition digital projectors and super bright energy-efficient LED video walls, VJ Hypnotica has captivated crowds with the widest array of live remixed video.

VJ Hypnotica has performed alongside some of the world's top performing artists.

Many remember delicious morsels of eye candy that delighted the crowd at a star-studded VIP Cirque du Soleil event for its founder, Guy Laliberté, aboard the Onassis yacht at St-Tropez, Cannes, and Monaco, on the Mediterranean Sea.

Others couldn't stop talking about VJ Hypnotica's subtle yet jaw-dropping visuals at the George Clinton show.

And VJ Hypnotica's visuals on the 2002 DVD release "Garou: Live à Bercy," filmed in Paris and produced in collaboration with Celine Dion and Luc Plamondon for Sony Music Entertainment, took the breath away of so many who watched.

Featured with gotsoul records at the Winter Music Conference & M3 in Miami, and performances at the Montreal Jazz Fest and Festival Juste Pour Rire (The Just for Laughs Comedy Festival)...

Absolut Vodka, clothing labels Diesel Jeans, Ed Hardy, and Miss Sixty, and Trojan Brand Condoms, love to work with VJ Hypnotica.

This is the legendary VJ Hypnotica who embodies the purest passion to perform ornate live compositions of electrifying, yet subtle, original remixed video.

VJ Hypnotica has transported audiences beyond the location of the venue, whether into a world of the most ideal fantasy, or practical images of reserved inspiration, for 15 years solid.

The best reason why VJ Hypnotica is loved is because, whether corporate, club, or private, VJ Hypnotica transforms your show into a monumental event.

Whether Hypnotica is VJing at a hot local Montreal hot spot, or featuring at an exotic beach destination like South Beach Miami, Tunisia, Cannes (France), or Casablanca (Morocco)...

2010 is the year for International growth. With things cooking up in Colombia, Ibiza, Europe, and Asia; its gonna be a sizzler!!


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