VJ Services

Hypnotica Visuals performs the most riveting live remixed interactive video performance of digital video and camera sources to all size video screens and video walls for:

Awards Galas, Parties, Fashion Shows, Dance competitions....
Corporate banquets and conventions....
Clubs, After hours, Raves, DJ's & Bands...
Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs....
Theatre acts, Circus performances....


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Devoted to the best visuals research since 1995, VJ Hypnotica has continually innovated new techniques, discovered the hottest technologies, and enhanced the Hypnotica live artist performance, and boosted the value of many events of all kinds, whether the most down to earth underground party, or the highest class VIP party aboard the Onassis yacht in Monaco.

It's the deepest passionate commitment to stay current that drives VJ Hypnotica to constantly acquire the most cutting edge VJ performance technology, and make regular additions to his massive video library of stock and original artist digital video footage.

With VJ Hypnotica’s unique super quick access video bank, live video performance is on cue and on tempo, and is precision matched to the event's flow. At the center of it all, Hypnotica enhances your room with the most precise thematically selected imagery, providing the artful enhanced experience for the audience than they could have ever imagined!!!!

To step it up a level, Hypnotica creates amazingly original, uniquely spontaneous live remixes of the interactive camera feeds of audience members, stage performers, and other sources (DVD, Blu-ray, HD video, digital TV), with eye popping effects, for display on the screen during your event.

To bring your event's power level even higher, Hypnotica can add and blend your logo on top of the live video mix. Your audience sees this on the big, illuminated and animated video screen. The visual impact gives your brand impressive visibility... the best, high-value publicity.


Type of event integration: Awards Gala, Parties, Fashion Shows, Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Clubs, After hours, Raves, DJ's & Bands, Theatre acts, Circus performances, Corporate banquets and conventions, Dance competitions...

Performance: Normal Club Performance 2 to 3 hours set (time slot 12am-3am). Afterhours Performance 2 to 4 hours set ( time slot 3am - 7am ).

Setup: Standard Setup (30 minutes before opening) see Technical Requirements.

Thematic Research: Special Research of Thematic Matching Event Visuals are Available and Extra Charges may be Applied to the Package.

VJ Mixing Kit

Mixer: A/V FX Pro Mixer
Professional 4in-out 2mix.out/ Real-time Effects
Camera1: Sony DVCam DCR-PC101 0lux
Hi Power Infrared Camera with Snake Arm, Remote Head & Clamp
*Camera2: (optional) Bullet CCD 0lux Camera
Hi Power Color Infrared Camera with Clamp
A/V Entrancer:(optional) A/V FX Processor PAD
Professional 2in-1out Real-time Effects Pad Processor
Option A
Computer: Notebook
Intel Core i7 Quad Core / 4TB Media Library / DVD-RW/CD-RW /
SVideo Out / HDMI/VGA/Component (Y/Cb/Cr) Out / NTSC-TV In
Option B
Player: (2x) Portable DVD Players
DVD / CD / VCD / CDR-RW Compatible
Video Mixing Setup
*product specifications may vary

VJ Projector Kit

*Click for Distance Charts
Projector(s): DLP Video/Data Projector
4000 lumens / 2000:1 / 10 lbs
Rig: Magic Arm or Tripod
Da-Lite Professional Fast Fold
Sizes: 6x8' / 9x12' / 10x14' Front or Rear
Screen(s): Oval WIde Screen 41" x 71"
Screen(s): Lycra Screen 5x6, 6x8*, 9x12
Services: Handling, Install & Break down Services
  * Requires addition personel.
Setup Diagram: