Phase 1: Technical Requirements. Must be ready upon arrival of VJ Hypnotica at the venue:

1. Video Screens: All video screens, LED walls, plasmas, projectors, must be installed, powered up, tested, and working, before VJ Hypnotica arrives at the venue.
2. VJ Table: 60cm(2') Deep x 120cm (4') Wide x 120cm (4') High. Vibration-damped. Standing stool 1 meter (36 inch) high.
3. VJ Table Emplacement: Stage Center-Right, next to DJ -- Battle style. VJ Table must have line-of-sight to performers and audience (requirement of both VJ performance and VJ live camera).
4. Screen Visibility to/from VJ Table: Promoter must prepare a diagram of the venue showing the key elements of the event: extra sound, lights, operators, DJ, band, dancers and emplacement of the VJ. Indicate where screens will be located. The two Most Popular Setups are offered as suggestions. Classic setup: 1 screen behind performers (facing the audience), and 1 screen facing performers (behind the audience, on the left wall, or on the right wall). New setup: 3 screens, Left/Center/Right. The importance of screen emplacement is crucial to enhance the event.
5. Electrical power: Two standard Edison outlets, directly at VJ Table. 120V AC, 15 Amp, 3-prong. Safety ground (3rd prong) properly grounded (to earth). Clean power: no lighting dimmer sharing line.
6. Video lines to screen(s): Composite RCA, NTSC format, through Video Hum Eliminators, directly at VJ Table. One video line, plus one backup video line.
7. Comfort: Fan, 15 cm (6 inch) diameter or greater, directly at VJ Table. Required for proper ventilation during live performance.



Phase 2: VJ Hypnotica's Standard Booth Gear + Options

1. Hypnotica's Standard VJ Booth Gear: VJ Hypnotica comes with The Hypnotica Portable Mobile Studio: a) High performance custom laptop with stand, USB Fan & Hub. b) Digital video media library. c) High-Precision Mouse & Pad. d) MIDI controller(s). e) Fisheye DJ-Camera. f) Video Mixer with 2 outputs: Composite RCA, NTSC Format.
2. Optional Gear: g) DV Camera with Remote Tripod. h) Triple 5" LCD Preview Monitors. i) 8x8 Video Matrix Switcher. j) Composite/VGA Scan Converter. k) Matrox TripleHead2Go, with ability to output to 3 VGA screens @ 1280x1024 each, 3840x1024 combined. l) Video Projector. m) Video Screens. And more, ask.
3. Connections to screens: One composite video line, NTSC format, RCA connector. In case of connections to multi-screens: extra equipment may be required. Please advise prior to the event.
* Due to continuous updates of the technology, equipment may be upgraded/substituted without notice.

Phase 3: Live Performance Requirements:

1. Time Slot: Club: 11pm-3am. Afterhours: 3am-7am. Festival: Ask. Extending set time may affect live performance quality. The artist reserves the rights to decline the request to extend the set, or add extra charges to the live performance artist fee.
2. Scheduling: To be delivered via printout or confirmed email, and briefed, before the start of the event.
3. Special Diffusion: All added video materiel, logos, animations, must be produced on standard DVD in NTSC 720x480 format. Computerized documents/files must be delivered on a CD/DVD/USB key/SD Card, or via confirmed reception e-mail, in advance of event. These files must be TV 4:3 or 16:9 ratio, and sized 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x480 or 320x240. Files must be title-safe (important text in large font and 20% away from the edges). Supported image formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIF, PPS, PSD, BMP. Supported video formats: H.264/x264, VC-1/AVC-HD, VOB/MPEG-2, DiVX/XviD, AVI, MOV, ASF, SWF, FLV, WMV, MKV.
4. Rights: All rights reserved. Visual Performance recording is forbidden.
5. Respect: Obstacles obstructing either the video screens, or the view of the VJ (such as: spectator behavior, blinding stage lights or spotlights, excessive smoke) must be dealt with by security staff immediately.
6. Security: Proper Security and Crowd Control necessary to defend the VJ equipment, video lines, power line, projector(s) and screen(s) against physical damage, etc.
7. Courtesies:
a) Four (4) names on the guest list without prejudice to the Live Performing Artist Fee. Four (4) backstage passes for these names.
b) 2 to 3 Energy Drinks (Guru) and 2 to 3 Water bottles on Ice, delivered at beginning of performance.
c) 2 to 3 Mixed drinks may be required, on demand, during performance (preference: Orange Stoli Vodka, Grey Goose Vodka, or Absinthe/Absente).

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