Phase 1: Booking Procedure

1. Fill in the Booking Form.
2. Budget: The Booker will be in touch ASAP about the budget which must be calculated for VJ Hypnotica's live performance artist fee.
3. Non-refundable Deposit: You agree to pay, in advance of the date/time of the event:
a) 25 percent of the VJ Hypnotica live performance artist fee,
b) For out-of-town events only: round-trip travel expense to the city of the event, plus hotel expense, plus round-trip ground transportation between hotel and venue.
c) This prepaid amount (a+b) is referred to as the non-refundable deposit.
d) Upon acceptance of booking terms and conditions on this page, pay the non-refundable deposit with form on the right side of this page ->
e) As soon as you receive the payment confirmation email from Paypal, VJ Hypnotica is officially booked for your event. Congratulations.

For out-of-town and international events, the following items 4-9 are required:

4. Travel Itinerary: Complete travel itinerary is required before the first travel day.
5. Hotel: Non smoking room. Single (non shared) occupancy room is required for security purposes.
6. Travel schedule: Time: Late day travel (give me choices). Delay: Fastest point to point. Meal: very picky (ask me). Seat emplacement: Window (not the exit row). Travel points: Ask me (Airmiles, Areoplan no).
7. Insurance: Client is liable for insurance cost, and must either: a) purchase both travel & event insurance (covering VJ Hypnotica's person & equipment), or b) add VJ Hypnotica as additional insured to the event's person & equipment insurance policy, and provide a clear copy to the VJ Hypnotica organization in advance of the first travel date.
8. Work Permit: Client must produce the proper paperwork and obtain a work visa for VJ Hypnotica for the duration of the event.
9. Per diem: $50/day of travel itinerary, in cash. Due on arrival at venue. (See item #11 below.)

Phase 2: Event Promotion

Example Event Flyer:

10. Event Flyer: Level at Living.  DJs Sultan and  Miche. VJ Hypnotica. Now that VJ Hypnotica is officially booked for your event, you are cleared to print the VJ Hypnotica name, the Hypnotica logo (new tribal please request password), and the presskit photos, on your event's promotional materials, and in print/web/broadcast publicity for your event.
a) The size of the lettering for VJ Hypnotica must be the same as the lettering for other performers (number 3 on the Example Event Flyer).
b) The Hypnotica logo must also be included (number 6 on the Example Event Flyer).

Phase 3: Day of the Event

  11. Balance of artist fee, and Per Diem, due on arrival: You agree to pay, in cash: the remaining 75% balance of VJ Hypnotica live performance artist fee (plus $50 per diem of travel itinerary, for out-of-town and international events) upon the arrival of VJ Hypnotica at the venue.